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Surprise, Surprise

The carnival was actually a lot more fun than I had expected. Sure, I had went into it with a fairly open mind and everything, but I was still expecting to at least be a little bit bored by the end of the night. I really wasn't, though. Lindsey even convinced me to eat a hot dog, and tried and failed to not smirk and chuckle while I did so. Some people never fully grow up.

The next day, Lindsey headed into work and I stayed at the house. If I'm really going to be staying here, I really need to find something to do with my time. Probably a job, but, other than being a lawyer, I don't even know what I can do with myself. Suppose I'll have to figure that out before I even try to send out resumes. I'm sure as hell not going to be working as a waitress or anything. I'd rather be bored.

I was knocked out of my wonderings when I heard the doorbell ring. A little worried, but figuring that I was safe in the daylight, I went to the peephole to see who it was. When I did see who it was, I whipped the door open and said, "What are you doing here?"

((Open to Melanie))

Just Dinnera

Roy was more than glad to have someone come over for dinner. I think that he just likes having us around more than anything else, though. I'm amazed that he liked me at all, considering I came from Wolfram & Hart with the intent on taking Lindsey back with me. Of course, that's all changed now. Maybe that's the part that he likes about me.

We were eating steaks cooked out on the grill when one of the many dogs started barking. "I wonder what's got his panties in a bunch." Hey, it's something I heard Lindsey say the other day. Those stupid country sayings are infectious.

Another dog started barking a few minutes later. I sighed and took a sip of the beer that I had. I'm not a huge dog person anyway, but this was starting to get really annoying.

((Open to Lindsey))

The Next Morning

The night had gone wonderfully. Lindsey and I literally danced the night away. A good bit of alcohol was involved in the dancing as well. I actually can't remember the last time I had so much fun. Of course, things start to get a little hazy around one in the morning or so. Alcohol has the bad habit of doing that as well. The last thing I remember clearly is making out with Lindsey in the corner of the bar, and the next thing that is clear is the splitting headache that wakes me up in the morning.

I open up one of my eyes, quickly realizing that I'm not in my home. The ceiling isn't familiar. Of course, if I'm not in my home, that only leads me to believe that I can only be in one other home. Rolling my head slightly to one side (my head hurts too bad to do much more than that), I see Lindsey sleeping next to me. Not exactly shocking, considering how we were going last night. I do remember him refusing to let me drive myself home last night, which part of me thinks might have just been an excuse to get me to come with him. Not that I can complain all that much. Definitely could have woken up in worse places than here.

((Open to Lindsey))

The Way Back

After dinner at Roy's, Lindsey drove me home. It seemed to have went OK enough. I couldn't help but give lawyer like answers at times; it's just become second nature to me at this point. I don't usually have to talk much about myself, or I can usually get out of it when someone does ask me something about my past. Lindsey knows a lot about it, but he knows it because he read my file. I did the same to him, so I wasn't exactly shocked. Of course, reading someone's file and being told about their lives by them are two very different things.

When Lindsey pulled into the driveway of my new house, which he helped me find, I looked over and smiled a little at him. "Well, that was fun. Thanks for dinner." Well, I guess that you'd call it more interesting, but whatever.

((Open to Lindsey))

Waiting For Him To Come Down

You would think that he drank a freaking keg for how long he was sleeping in. I had already woken up, folded up the blankets that I had used, and had straightened myself up and he still wasn't down yet! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that he was avoiding me up there. However, I can still hear the snoring. He sounds like he is literally trying to saw a log or two up there. Someone please tell me if that's what I sound like when I'm hung over.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor while sitting in some old chair in his living room. If he doesn't get down here soon enough, I am going to break into his bedroom and drag him out of bed myself. This is a talk that we need to have, and soon, or I might start going to more drastic measures to ensure that he comes back with me, and they don't involve anything as nice as me 'seducing' him.

((Open to Lindsey))

Com On Already

The news around this little town was that Lindsey's little girlfriend had left him. I can't exactly say that I am surprised, since it was really never meant to last. He still needs to return to LA with me, and I'm getting sick and tired of him dragging his feet over his supposed 'life' here in this little mound of dirt. Now, without little miss priss to hold him back, I'm hoping that he'll get more agreeable about coming back with me and letting me get on with my own life, which did not involve little towns with 'good values.'

I'm sure he'll still drag himself a little bit. I just need to drag in the point that I'm not leaving without him, and there's nothing he can do about it. Even if he does try to kill me, they'll just send someone else. Can he really kill an entire firm of people? I don't think so. He might as well just give up and come fulfill his contractual obligations already.

I decided to grab myself a drink at Rick's bar. Maybe it was to celebrate a little bit, or maybe it was to settle some slight nerves about what Lindsey might do now that his girlfriend decided to leave him. Still, if she can't stand the heat, she may as well get out of the way.

((Open to Lindsey))
When I first walked into the bar, I was afraid to touch anything. With such a clever name as 'Rick's,' it could only be a low class establishment. I was expecting low; I was not expecting 'hasn't been cleaned since the end of the Victorian Era.' Lindsey must be insane to like a place like this. I ordered myself a drink, but then had to force myself to drink it, telling myself that alcohol must kill some of the germs. If I don't get promoted for bringing Lindsey back, I'm going to cut someone's head off. 

I knew that Lindsey had went out to dinner or something with his small town girlfriend but, from what information tells me, he's in here every night, either with her or by himself. So, to get another crack at him, I had to be here. I was not planning on leaving him alone until he came back with me. I didn't really have a choice. 

I waved off the third guy who was trying to buy me a drink. I was sitting off in a corner booth, but these guys must be able to sniff out a decent looking woman within fifty yards. It's not like they have much to choose from, if what I've seen so far is any indication. I just hope that Lindsey gets over this problem of his quickly and comes back with me before I lose my patience, or, even worse, before the firm loses their's.